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Add some PEP to your step by removing those dark spots with IPL Treatments and / or collagen boosting Fractional Treatments!

So often we hear our clients say they want to brighten their skin, and remove those dark spots….. The IPL can do just that! Intense pulsed light (IPL) is a technology used to perform various skin treatments for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes, targeting skin pigmentation, sun damage, and thread veins.

We also hear about the desire to boost collagen, and fight off / diminish unwanted lines/wrinkles on the face, neck and chest. The FRACTIONAL component of the Icon causes physical breakdown of collagen, resulting in rebuilding and resurfacing of the skin and yielding smoother texture and improved restoration where individuals frequently have profound results with this intense tightening of the skin.



IPL Treatments: Buy 1 get 1, 1/2 off!

IPL SAVINGS EXAMPLES: (Buy 1, get 1 @ 1/2 off)
Décolleté = $187.50 OFF (package of 2 of 2 treatments)
Face and décolleté = $337.50 OFF (package of 2 treatments)
Hands = $75 OFF (package of 2 treatments)

Fractional Treatments: Buy 2 get 1, 1/2 off!

FRACTIONAL SAVINGS EXAMPLES: (Buy 2 get 1 @ 1/2 off)
Face – $225 OFF (package of 3 treatments)
Face & Neck = $350 OFF (package of 3 treatments)
Face, neck, and décolleté = $480 OFF (package of 3 treatments)



20% Off Obagi Skin Care ~ NU DERM LINE

* The Obagi Nu Derm Line is an excellent follow up skin care system to use after having either the IPL or the Fractional Treatments as it will aide in exfoliation, skin lightening, and firming process!



Cool Night Out – Cool Sculpting
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