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We carry the most sought after products created by Obagi. We are happy to consult with you regarding your personal skin care goals. If you have not spent time and money caring for your facial skin in the past, don’t worry, it’s not too late to start. Caring for your skin can be fun and very rewarding. People who are dedicated to the Obagi product line are our best source of proof. If you are unsure, consider trying out these products and if you are not satisfied, we will return your money.

Nu-Derm System

We have found individuals have an excellent response to the Nu-Derm system. This system is so reliable, the founders have not changed the chemistry behind it for decades. It includes several products that we recommend applying as directed and you will see why this is marketed as “transformational!” We also fully understand time and budget constraints thus have a more simple and user friendly line that requires only seconds each day. But even then, we hope you will graduate to the complete system, as with practice, it can also be applied quickly and the results are truly gratifying. The Nu-Derm System is comprised of steps including an excellent face wash followed application of toner (a very important step than many choose to forego!) which balances the pH of your skin, preparing it for the most effective final result. Then you apply the products as recommended, including Hydroquinone causing bleaching of the skin and tretinoin (commonly known as Retin-A), and finishing with the ever-important moisturizer and sun block. Your face is then completely prepped for makeup application and sun exposure with almost no threat of ongoing damage. As you continue follow these steps daily, you will be delighted at the changes you see in the mirror! For those who desire fewer steps, we will recommend a realistic process to protect and moisturize your skin as it continues to fight the aging process.


Many people experience acne at some point in their lives, whether during adolescence, reproduction, peri-menopausal or with no definitive reason. We offer the Clenziderm System, which is a 3-product process, with cleanser, pore therapy and therapeutic lotion. I have personally seen clients who have struggled for years, “trying everything and nothing works,” then only days after beginning this line are amazed at the profound changes in their skin. If you prefer not to purchase the whole line, you may certainly purchase the items you feel are best suited for your case.

Facial Moisturizer

Obagi creates many creams intended for moisturization and careful care of the precious facial skin cells. We have creams from daily wear to night creams that are luxurious and created for preservation of skin architecture and even reversal of collagen breakdown.

Vitamin C

Perhaps the most popular product sold by Obagi are the ones containing Vitamin C. We offer the serum at 10%, 15% and 20% with recommendations to increase percentage as your skin tolerates. We now offer a Vitamin C Peptide which contains additional components adding volume to the skin cells while continuing to protect them from daily wear. Many people use one of the Vitamin C products as a stand-alone therapy.

Eye Cream

It seems like every store you enter and every ad you read promises to have the very best result with their eye cream. The Obagi eye cream and gel has had proven results in avoiding lid sagging resulting in significantly delayed cosmetic aging of the eyes. Clients have reported how wonderful the skin around their eyes feels after application of this product. Again, this product can be purchased and if you are dissatisfied with results, simply return it to our spa for a refund.