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Vaginal Rejuvenation Therapy by FemTouch™

Of great interest to many women is the vaginal rejuvenation component of this machine.  This includes, but is not limited to, treating women with urinary incontinence from stress (bearing down) to simple overflow.  The urethra (the hole that urine comes out of) is located directly in front of the vagina.  When we do the vaginal treatments, it causes neocollagenosis, or the creation of new collagen, which creates a stronger vaginal wall and results in better tone to the urethra thus eliminating (or at least dramatically reducing) urinary incontinence.

Key points include:

  • Treats urinary incontinence
  • Treats vaginal dryness
  • Treats loss of vaginal elasticity, tone, atrophy

Women have been amazed with how well this machine treats these problems, thus restoring confidence to women when they laugh, cough, sneeze, run/walk, or bear down for any reason.  It also dramatically improves ongoing urine leakage and for many, the incontinence is resolved.

In addition, this machine significantly improves vaginal atrophy, which is the loss of elasticity of the vagina, most common in post-menopausal women or women who have had vaginal childbirth.  These problems result in decreased satisfaction during sexual intercourse, even leaving some women to believe they may never have an enjoyable sexual interaction again.

We are so happy to inform you of the amazing results this machine offers with only 2-4 treatments.  Again, this works by the creation of new collagen thus strengthening the walls of the vagina leading to improved tone and texture and dramatically improved satisfaction with sexual intercourse. And women are ecstatic over the results from strengthening the urethra resulting in less or total elimination of urinary incontinence.  Additionally, we treat the external labia with resulting tightening of the labia and improved tone and texture resulting in improved cosmetic appearance of the genitalia.

Urinary Incontinence/Vaginal Dryness Treatment Preparation:

There is no significant preparation required for this treatment.

  • Menstruation – If you are menstruating at the time of your appointment, we will still be able to perform the treatment as long as the quantity of vaginal bleeding is small. If you are having heavy flow, we will have to reschedule as your results may be less than ideal. If possible, please wear a tampon to your appointment.
  • Negative Pap smear required – prior to scheduling your appointment, we need to have your signed consent stating you have had a negative Pap smear performed by your doctor within 3 years of the treatment.  If you have been diagnosed with irregular or pre-cancerous cells within the vagina or cervix, we require that to be addressed prior to your treatment.
  • The internal vaginal treatment are painless and only take a few minutes to perform.  If you are interested in having the external vaginal area treated as well (which we highly recommend for most impressive results), we will apply a topical numbing anesthetic cream to the external genital area to be treated in order to minimize pain when treating this area.

Recovery / Healing:

  • We require nothing to be inserted into the vagina (tampons, intercourse, cleansing devices, etc.) for 72 hours after treatment.
  • May experience minor vaginal bleeding and/or discharge for the first 1-2 days after treatment
  • Mild to moderate discomfort, particularly after urinating, but usually subsides after a couple of days. Ointment may be applied topically as needed following the procedure.
  • Second treatment recommended about 4 weeks after 1st treatment.
  • Third treatment recommended about 6 weeks after 2nd treatment.

You can expect to see results in as soon as 2-4 weeks after treatment.  For most women, their results will be permanent but occasionally, the vaginal and urethral muscles lose elasticity again and further treatments are necessary.

External Genital Area Rejuvenation treatment:

Finally, the FemTouch™ device has also given many women a tremendous amount of self-confidence back.  Some women suffer from loss of elasticity to either the labia majora (outer lips around the vagina) or labia minora (inner, smaller lips).  This device restores tone and texture to this area bringing back the youthful appearance of this part of the woman’s body.  This treatment is unfortunately painful so does require numbing cream to be applied prior to treatments.

Preparation Considerations:

  • Please arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled appointment if you are having the external genital area treated so topical anesthetic agent can be applied resulting in a much more tolerable procedure.

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